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8D Bald eagle selfies wut

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Apparently this has been around for a few weeks but I only just saw it come on tv when I was at the gym and could not believe this was a real commercial?? except it is

it’s the most misogynistic commercial I’ve seen in a long time. To be fair, I only watch tv for Castle, so I probably get specific ads. But still!

 It’s his wife or girlfriend and he flips a total shit over using her vag-product (which they’re trying to… sell?? by making it seem like cooties??). Like apparently vaginas are so girly — even though this is a product used for his own lover?? — that he has to dash about the homeplace doing the most masculine tasks he can handle. Karate chop some wood!! Eat raw eggs!!! Ruin your dental fillings by pulling a car with your teeth!!!

It ends with the girlfriend or wife saying “that was close” and maybe we’re supposed to identify with her like "l o l men, always thinking we have cooties" as if we’re all going to have a good eye-roll together over this

but omg why would you ever sell a product this way it grosses me out. As if people aren’t weird enough about vaginas and all that already, you have to showcase a man getting weirded out by dressed-up soap 

like if you want to stick to gender roles, go ahead, but don’t reinforce in a national ad campaign that not only should men be afraid of the feminine, but that we should expect them to react negatively to it (for the sake of selling a largely unnecessary product that can actually cause potentially dangerous infections in many women…..)

and like obviously I wouldn’t expect an outdated company to make the connection that this concept of body parts corresponding to “femininity” or “masculinity” isn’t really in keeping with how many people understand their body parts, but there’s that too